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airo pro vape pen for sale


Transparency and reliability in products are of the highest importance in the legal cannabis world, especially when it comes to vaping. With ever-changing cartridges and batteries, it’s hard to find “Ol’ Reliable”. The struggle of finding a consistent vapor product is shared by many. It’s exactly why Airo Pro Vape Pen has been able to secure positive reviews after positive reviews for their vape systems.


With a sleek design featuring no buttons or confusing heat settings, this vape battery takes the guesswork out of vaping. Simply drop your compatible magnetized cartridge into the AiroPro battery and inhale. That’s it! User error is virtually impossible.

One of the most distinctive and memorable features of the Airo vape system is how it vibrates with every hit. This isn’t just a gimmick- it allows the user to take a much larger hit without overheating the oil. The result? Larger hits with no flavor loss. One-hit-quitters will appreciate Airo’s ability to deliver a similar bong hit feeling in a more discreet package.


airo pro vape pen for sale

Airo Pro Vape Pen for Sale

Airo understands that vape pens are for people on the go. Their vape battery has been optimized to have a longer life than many other brands. When it comes time to charge the AiroPro, you can use any micro-USB charger, not just the one that’s included with the battery. You can even sneak a hit in while it’s charging!

It’s unlikely you’ll run into any issues with this battery, but if you do, Airo has you covered. All of their batteries are covered by a 1-year warranty. And because Airo is such a well-known name in the cannabis industry, accessing a variety of options in Washington state and beyond is consistently convenient.


No funny business here: All of the oil used in AiroPro pre-filled cartridges, or “pods”, is 100% cannabis-derived. That means no additives, no heavy metals, and no artificial flavoring. Some vape brands cut corners in production by using botanical terpenes. AiroPro remains committed to providing cannabis-derived vapor. Some of the safest, purest vape experiences available in the legal cannabis market today.

Airo Pro Vape Pen for Sale

The source material for every cartridge is vetted and held to rigorous quality control standards before extraction. Almost every cartridge Airo makes in Washington utilize flower sourced from cultivator Harmony Farms! A local producer with the same mission of producing safe, clean cannabis products.

Airo Pro Vape Pen for Sale

Whether it be a cartridge from their distillate Strain Series, their CO2 oil, their live resin, or their Live Flower series, the quality shines through. Every variety of oil used in a cartridge by AiroPro is 100% strain specific and contains a wide cannabinoid spectrum. This results in an oil that maintains the flavor profile and most desirable effects of its strain, something that may be lacking in cartridges from other brands.


Are you sick of finding a strain you like, only to return for that same cartridge and it’s gone? On the flip side, are you sick of seeing the same cartridge options over and over?

Aeropro has a little something for you, no matter which category you fall into. Classics like Jack Herer and Northern Lights are virtually always available. They also mix in some new hype strains with their classics. They even have low THC/high CBD cartridges if that’s your jam. Whether you want to switch it up or go with what you know, Airo Brands got you!


It’s pretty widely accepted that even though cartridges get the job done, they don’t feel quite like smoking flowers. But what if you produce them by extracting freshly harvested flowers; and then refortifying that oil with additional terpenes extracted from freshly harvested flowers?

Airo Pro Vape Pen for Sale

We don’t need to ask what-if! Airo Pro has made this a reality with its Live Flower series. By using this advanced method, they’ve created a vapor product that rivals the flavor and effects of flowers. Now you can enjoy a flavor profile and depth of high similar to what you get from smoking cannabis! Super discrete with no reeking burning plant material and smell for Grandma (obviously we still love the dank aroma). Just like the rest of their cartridge lines, the live flower series has a specific strain type for everyone!


airo pro vape pen for sale

Airo Pro Vape Pen for Sale

Airo Pro has been a mainstay of legal cannabis in Washington since the beginning, and it doesn’t seem like that’ll change anytime soon. Their reliability, brand recognition, quality control, and innovation have secured them a spot among the best vapor companies in the cannabis game.

If you’re looking for a safe, reliable vape that’s easy to use with high-quality extracts, AiroPro may also secure a spot as your favorite vape company.


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